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    I did a hotsync after making some changes to my Outlook file. Hotsyn couldn't find my contact database and ended up deleting all contacts on the handheld. I discovered that I had three different Contact files, and followed various procedures to correctly ID one of them as my Outlook Address Book and delete the others. Hotsync still can't find the contacts.

    Now when I try to hotsync I get:

    Outlook Contacts
    The attempt to open the database failed.
    - Not Synchronized
    Outlook Contacts synchronization failed

    I can't figure out how to tell hotsync where to go for the contacts. I tried reinstalling the hotsync software, but must have skipped a step. Is it possible there is more than one conduit on my system?

    Note that I used to have both a Palm VII and Sony Clie (more recently). When I originally installed the sync software for my Treo, it installed into the Sony Handheld folder and won't let me install anywhere else.

    Suggestions welcome...

    - Jonathan Lehrer
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    I ran this utility:,Kb=PalmSupportKB,ts=Palm_External2001,case=obj(1005)

    It reported no errors. Then I tried a hotsync and it worked, restoring all of my contacts to the handheld. I have no idea what the actual fix was, but it seems to be working now and I'm happy.

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