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    I found the novva blaster thinggy with the IR boost and 10000 av units preprogramed to use your treo as a remote control.

    Not really what I was looking for. My Inadock cradle is like three feet across the drafting table from where I am, and often hard to get to. I was wondering if there was a little remote that would let me control the PTunes via a little remote. Phone rings and I can mute it without climbing over the land mass that is my belly. My office gets crowded with people looking over my shoulder to see what I am doing on the PC screen, and I want to drive them away by selecting whale songs and jamming the volume and base. My music set up at the office is rather nice as I've got decent speakers Y cabled into both my speakers and the PC.

    Any help appreciated
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    A solution to your problem is to use a remote display application. There are a few available, and a couple that come to mind are PDAReach and mDesk.
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    Thanks, I'll give those a go

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