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    I've had Palm Desktop 4.0 installed for a week and it seems to be a decent upgrade from 3.1. The new desktop software gives you much improved interface as well as views. It was a much needed face lift. Now Iíll tell ya how to do it!! If you are too yeller to attempt the upgrade . . . you can still see the screen shots of it @

    Warning: HandSpring does not support Palm Desktop 4.0 yet!!!

    Now I know some of you have heard that you lose the ability to HotSync if you install Palm Desktop 4.0. This is true but it can be fixed easily and I'll tell you how I did it. But attempt it at your own risk. I am not about to get sued. (Read this over once before trying this at home. Adult supervision my be necessary hehe . . . joke.)

    This is exactly what you do.

    1) Download Palm Desktop 4.0 from Palm @

    2) Go into you Palm folder and copy/back-up the file "palm.cnt" so it will not be written over upon the install of 4.0

    3) Install Palm Desktop 4.0 (it will find your 3.1 and install over it)

    4) Copy the old "palm.cnt" that you just copied/backed-up over the new "palm.cnt" in the palm folder

    Read this carefully. Because this restores your ability to HotSync!!

    5) Get your Handspring CD or download the original Palm desktop 3.1 software from HandSpring @

    6) Perform a custom install. !!!!Have only the HotSync Manager installed!!!!

    After that you are done. Have fun!!

    Anybody else get Palm Desktop 4.0 to work? Tell me what you think. I love it.
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    I've had no trouble getting 4.0 to HotSync, and I haven't had to resort to a custom install.

    Overall, I am pleased with the new version, but I feel that in some cases Palm has (a) sacrificed usability for prettiness, or (b) added features of dubious merit, solely for the sake of adding features. Perhaps there are people who appreciate the new 'Large Icon' view in Address Book, but I just laughed aloud when presented with an array of blue army men!

    What particularly bugs me is that the initial view in Memo Pad is now read-only. I now need to double-click to edit a memo, whereas in 3.1 I could edit immediately. Palm prides itself on minimizing taps on the handheld, so I was dismayed to see them adding clicks on the desktop.

    Still, these are minor gripes. It is a nice facelift.
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    Do either of you (or anyone else) use Outlook as your email\PIM or do you use the Palm Desktop?
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    This is what I did:

    Uninstall Palm Desktop 3.1
    Install Palm Desktop 4.0
    Do a custom install of the hotsync manager from the Handspring CD.

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