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    If so, how and where to get it. I want it. Thanks in advance
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    There are a few, but the most recommended is TomTom.
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    I cant acces that here at work. Is it a GPS software of some type. I'm going to try to take a look at it via my TREO 650. How good of a program is Vindigo? Does it offer something similar to GPS?
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    TomTom is GPS software. You would also need a GPS receiver (either Bluetooth or wired) to go along with the software.

    Vindigo is not a GPS application, but can take advantage of a GPS receiver. Vindigo is a city guide application that can give you relevant information based on your current location.
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    Might want to try a search for GPS and TomTom. There is lots of info here about GPS.
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    Would either of you suggest Vindigo? I dont travel enough to buy a GPS receiver, but occassionaly I go out of town and want to be able to find different places, streets, and such, if you know what I mean. I just went to treobits, and they have a bunch of cool software there. Is some of it free or what? I havent registered so I could tell.
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    You seem pretty set on getting Vindigo. If you want it, get it, but two people have already pointed out that it's not what you seem to want.

    Vindigo is like Zagat's for your Treo, it provides a bunch of restaurants and other points of interest that you can read about, search, and find locations for.

    TomTom is like the GPS that's in your car - you can put in where you want to go, and it will tell you how to get there (and keep track of where you are on a graphical map as you drive/walk). It also has points of interest (restaurants, gas stations, ATMs, etc.), but not a complete list, and no additional information about them. It just has location so it can give you directions. It's about $150 or so for software + a bluetooth GPS receiver to use with the software.

    Hope that helps.
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    Yes, it helps. I just wasnt 100% sure what Vindigo had to offer. Thanks all!
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    Quote Originally Posted by impalasscars
    I go out of town and want to be able to find different places, streets, and such, if you know what I mean.
    You might want to check out KMaps. It doesn't work with GPS but it does provide map access and directions to locations (uses Google maps). It requires you to have data access but doesn't use Blazer. You also need to add Java apps so it's a bit of a memory hog.
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    I will check into it thie evening. I've been reading up on the uninstaller. Can I just do a hot sync, delete my recently downloaded software, download the uninstaller, then just perform another hot sync to get it all back plus the uninstaller? The reason I ask is because I plan on downloading at least 3 other apps when I get home this evening, and I want to be able to delete everything if I download something I dont like..... Thanks in advance.....

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