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    Quote Originally Posted by Bumble
    I use it with TomTom with no issues
    Thanks Bumble. If I decide to stop using TeleNav, I will surely give TomTom a go. At this point TeleNav is doing exactly what I need it to do. I am just trying to get more functionality out of the receiver by usig it with other applications, hence Intelligolf.

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    I just talked to TeleNav. Their CS makes Sprint's guys look like world beaters. What a joke. After the 5th time I asked about pricing info to no avail, I gave up and hung up the phone on the ***** and his attitude problem. I was hoping to see if there's still a bundle package available, but the aggravation of dealing with their tech support wasn't worth it. Specially when the Holux M-1000 has been recently deeply discounted anyway.
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