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    I have my calendar color coded on my PC but when I hot synch the color does not transfer over. I have thought about using the Palm OS as it has color on the Treo 650. But, I would like to be able to transfer all my outlook calendars (I have my calendar in place for the rest of the year) and contacts to the Palm OS.
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    You need a 3rd-party PIM app to mimic the color coding from Outlook. I know DateBk5 and Agendus will do this; I'm sure others will too, but I'm not familiar with them. You'll need to manually color-code the ctegories on the Treo even with the 3rd-party app, but once you set them, they'll translate.
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    If you are using Outlook XP, Beyond Contacts will do it for you automatically.
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    will beyond contacts work with outlook 2003?
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    Quote Originally Posted by trim81
    will beyond contacts work with outlook 2003?
    From the FAQs on the site
    1. What versions of Microsoft Outlook does Beyond Contacts support?
    Beyond Contacts will work with Microsoft Outlook 98, 2000, XP and 2003.
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    Quote Originally Posted by diane
    I have my calendar color coded on my PC but when I hot synch the color does not transfer over.
    The color will transfer over to the Treo's built-in calendar app if you use automatic formatting in Outlook. Just associate a color with a category in outlook and use the categories to assign the color. e.g., you could make all "Personal" appointments blue. If you are not using categories you could even create a categories called "Blue", "Red"...

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    the problem with BC and other chapura products is that they create their own dbs on your device (i.e. you will have two dbs for cal, contacts, memo, ....etc) wasted space!
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    I always have at least 11mb clear with a bunch of aps loaded and run Beyond Contacts. I've tried a few others and keep coming back because of how flawless transfer is. All records (home and work addresses) transfer easily and seamlessly.

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