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    so I have a verizon treo 650 and I have upgraded to the latest official ROM. my friend has a newer version of the SMS app on his cingular treo. how can I get this SMS app? if it can't be put on a verizon treo, is there a better SMS app out there? the built in one sucks! I would pay good money for a decent less clunky SMS app.

    please! bueller?

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    You and me are totally opposite. I love the SMS application on my Treo 650. It's the best.
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    i have a 600 and i dont like the way it turns messages into a "conversation" and then you have to clear it. i like how on my old phone it was smple. there was an inbox, and and outbox.
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    Not sure if that works on 600 too, but on 650 you can turn off the conversations via Preferences\Chat\Crate chats from messages. Change "Only if I replied" to "Never" and voila, no conversations, just inbox and outbox.
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    I've looked into alternate SMS apps as well, but there really aren't many options out there. Just goes to show you how good the built-in app is.
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