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    suppose I have a Cardo Scala Headset and a Plantronics 510. Can I just go back and forth after I pair each one up with my 650? In other words can I use the Cardo on one call then turn it off and turn on my Plantronics and use it for the next call? Or do you have to go through some reset process each time. I know I have to pair the new one when I get it. thanx
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    No need to repair once the headset is added to your trusted devices, all I do is hit the call button on the headset or headphones that I want to use, the treo screen will come on to let me know the device is connected, and I'm all set...
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    My 650 switches asutomatically between as Jabra 350 that I wear and the Bluetooth setup in my car. What you need to do is pair each one once with your 650 and then it will do the rest.

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