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    Despite my past threads/posts, I finally found a great Seidio product. I ordered the Seidio Stereo Adapter for Treo 700w/650/600 and it is fricking sweet. The female receiving end is much tighter than my previous adapter, and there is much less strain on the male end of the cable/female end of the Treo. It was also shipped in an excessively large envelope, so there were no issues with my university post office.
    I previously had the Palm Right Angle Adapter(I purchased it at the Boston Palm store), which had interior connection issues.
    GO SEIDIO!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    agreed this solution was rockin till I found SAG Bluetooth stereo.

    Then... umm.... NO STRESS on ANY connection. Whether its the audio jack or the hotsync jack.

    If you have the resources I highly recommend you switch to Bluetooth.
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    Which bluetooth headset are you using? i usually switch between a cheap pair of sony earbuds for travel, and my Sony MDRV700($130.00) when I am listeing to my treo as an mp3 player..
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    The Plantronics 590A.

    Best sounding headphones Ive ever owned wires or no wires. Now with AVCRP support? (Latest SAG supports it now, wow used that functionality last night in the gym for the first time.... WOW)
    ONE can be spelled as NEO.
    There is no spoon.

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