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    I just started to use chatteremail with the OWA plugin a few days ago and love it. Only issue is that the small keyboard on the Treo makes in prone to typos.

    Are any of you guys aware of a spell checking app that works in conjunction with chatteremail?

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    I use "QuickCheck" and love it. If you do a search here for that app, you'll find half a dozen short threads talking about it and LexSpell as contenders.
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    There is a program called QuickCheck which spellchecks palm applications - but from my experience it really slows down my system. I don't think there is a way to enable it only for one application either, it will underline anything that is misspelled in memo, chatter, other.
    Worth a try.

    Edit: It is only slow if you have the dictionary (about 1mb) on the SD card, if you have it in internal memory the program is fast.
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    Thanks. I will give both of them a try and let you know how it goes.

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    Looks like I should have done a better job searching...sorry for the repost .

    I found an other thread on this topic and will continue to post there. Maybe a moderator can close/remove this thread.

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