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    I lost my install CD!! and I am trying to upgrade to ENA from my CNG..
    Well They only update the Documents to Go IF they are already on the phone..

    I have a backup on my PC how do I access it without doing a restore?
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    C:\Program Files\palmOne\UserName\Backup
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    Quote Originally Posted by cash70
    C:\Program Files\palmOne\UserName\Backup
    You da man!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by blackvette
    You da man!!

    Spoke too soon. I don't have ALL the files and I cannot find the original CD.. Any Suggestions?
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    wow...double posts. Find the CD download link on the internet. BitTorrent or here. Somebody uploads it before.
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    Yes, I found my CD!!!! I am all upgraded and ready to roll! thanks!

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