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    When selecting default mail to use with VeriChat the only option I get is VersaMail which I'm not using. Since I use MyMail through my carrier Rogers Wireless to push POP3/IMAP mail to my device I would prefer to use that service. Does anyone know why the Treo 650 would only recognize VersaMail as the sole mail application in "Preferences/Default Applications/Mail = VersaMail"?

    Second issue is changing the layout for the chat messenger. Is there a way to only see contacts that are online for a particular service (ie: MSN) instead of also seeing contacts offline? If not then I do hope the developer adds such an option as the current method appears to waist screen realistate.

    Has anyone heard if VeriChat will support GMail in the near future?

    Last question is related to service fees for users of VeriChat. VeriChat offers an option to run the program in the background as always on for use with either data or sms messaging. So if one chooses "data" is it contantly streaming data or only when transmitting messages to and from the device? The reason for asking is I have neither an unlimited sms plan or unlimited data plan. Ensuring I don't have a heart attack when I get my bill is a concern Any advice from experienced users on using VeriChat would be greatly appreciated.
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    When selecting which email app to be the 'mail helper' from within Verichat, Chatter was presented as an option to me(as well as Snapper and Versafail). And in the phone's preferences I wasn't just stuck with Versafail either. I don't know what the problem could be for you.

    I have all of my online contacts clumped into one big window, with the window for offline contacts being minimized. All you have to do is hit the little arrow next to 'offline'. I hope for Gtalk support in the future as well, but I don't know when(or if) it might happen. I don't think data is constantly streaming. It's set to poll intermittently. You could try it out and see for yourself. It isn't hard.
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    If you organize your contacts into the SAME NAMED GROUP in each IM service on your desktop, it will reflect in Verichat.. It takes a few hours or something odd to update, but it happens.. I have friends with 6 different IM's and I don't care to see their name six times in a list, so I put one group list of Friends and some other groups I don't need to see the members off, then a big grab bag Misc or something.

    That way I expand friends and I only see the people I want to see, not 30 people but 80 nicks. Yikes.

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