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    Did anybody ever get this message: "Not enough power to activate the phone"? Please I need help. Thank you. Paul.
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    trying to help...

    have you tried plugging in the phone?
    Charging the battery.

    if you have and have this message have you done anything out of the norm recently with your phone?

    installed new software?
    installed a rom update?
    dropped the phone in a pool of feces in your toilet?
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    OK, the phone was dropped into a glass of beer; I followed instructions I got here to clean it (dipped in alcohol and rinsed it with blow dryer and let under the sun for three days) Result: screen is bad (a lot of shades) everything else works great. The phone though doesn't work. Replaced battery (my wife has another Treo 650; my wife dropped my phone in the beer; would say I should get her phone...right?) Anyway, even with a good battery it doesn't start. I did a hard reset: nothing. I tried with the phone connected to the charger: nothing. I charged the phone for one night: nothing. Any suggestion?
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    phone is ruined. you powered it on while it was wet and fried it.

    for example of how this works drop hair dryer in bathtub while wife is in there and take her phone. (it's a joke)

    damage is done...

    the only chance would be to maybe flush with distilled water (after removing battery and waiting 30 minutes)

    let dry 5 days or so and then try.

    probably won't work but maybe worth a try.
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    Did you do the three days in a sealed ziplock bag with 3, 4, or 5 of those little silica packets on a sunny window ledge?

    It takes a long time to get the final moisture out.. . . . . .leave the battery out when you do this.

    Although Dutch is most likely right -- but it doesn't hurt to give it a try.

    Cheers, Perry.
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    Thank you for your help: I can not believe that the phone is fried. But YES, I tried the phone as soon as it came out of the beer. What can I say? You never stop learning, and this is something new I learned. I will not try out the phone the next time my wife drops it in a glass of Bud Lite... not even Warsteiner.... ANYWAY: my carrier is T-Mobile (my phone is unlocked) and the phone is insured, even if T-Mobile doesn't sell that phone and never did. Anyway, I called Asurion (I guess this is the way to spell this name) the insurance company I paid more or less $5 per month for 2 years, and the answer is "we are sorry but we don't have this phone (the 650) in stock. So what they offered me is the HTC t-mobile MDA, with a $110 deductible that I have to pay.
    I don't know what to do: should I suck it up and buy another 650? Wait for a windows version of the 650 GSM? Did you guys see the Benq p51? It looks it has everything you can think of...

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