My boss just purchased a Treo 650 and wants to be able to sync with her Calender, contacts, tasks and memos in Outlook 2000. She couldn't get it to work and so turned the problem over to me, sorry to say that I have very little experience with Palm's in general so I'd appreciate any help.

The environment that we're working in is Windows XP SP2 (with all additional patches and updates, the pc has 1gb of ram), Outlook 2000 (all patches installed) configured for our Exchange Server 5.5.

I did search the Palm site and as well as here for information on sync problems with Outlook 2000, the Outlook conduits are installed, there is only one Outlook profile (the Exchange Server profile), "Enable syncronization when Outlook is offline" is checked. The log file doesn't seem to show any errors:

HotSync operation started for linda on 04/17/06 15:04:37

OK Quick Install
OK Adobe Reader
OK Media
OK Documents To Go
-- Backing up ConnectionMgr50DB to C:\Program Files\palmOne\linda0\Backup\ConnectionMgr50DB.PDB
-- Backing up psysLaunchDB to C:\Program Files\palmOne\linda0\Backup\psysLaunchDB.PDB
-- Backing up Graffiti ShortCuts to C:\Program Files\palmOne\linda0\Backup\Graffiti_ShortCuts.PRC
-- Backing up Saved Preferences to C:\Program Files\palmOne\linda0\Backup\Saved_Preferences.PRC
OK Backup

HotSync operation completed on 04/17/06 15:04:44

but for some reason the sync skips right over the Calender, contacts, tasks and memos. Right clicking the sync manager and clicking custom, I can see that these are set to sync with Outlook and under settings the MS Exchange Server profile is selected and the source folder is correctly set. Based on all the other Outlook threads everything seems to be set correctly, but still doesn't work... does anyone have a suggestion?

- Chris LeFebvre