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    I was wondering if any GPS software will actually take a history of WHERE you have travelled, and at what speed you were going at on the route. Not just a simple avg, but taking say, points every # ft at the speed you were going at the time.

    I was planning to do some touring and would love to have a history of the route I had taken. I currently have TOMTOM for navigation and route planning, but would like to have a history recorded somehow, and that history be transferrable for analyzing on a PC. Its a stretch, but I am sure other GPS (non-treo for instance) software has done this before.

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    I don't think this is possible, but I could be wrong. The only thing I am aware of that does this is if you put a GPS tracker in a car that is either real time viewing through the software/web on a PC or through downloading the data from the device itself after the route is finished...Significant price difference, but I set up all of my trucks that go out into the field with real time GPS trackers so we can see where everything is at at all times (about 200 units).
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    I am interested in the unit where you are able to download the information to a computer afterward. Can you give more information on this?
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    The Delorme BlueLogger GPS logs info and you can then upload it to your computer and either place it on Delorme's Street Atlas map or export it to Excel. It will show where traveled, what time, and how fast. I use the BlueLogger with TomTom. I don't like the Street Atlas for Palm app.
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    That might be just what I was looking for!
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    Right on
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    I think Cetus GPS will do what you want.
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    Bluelogger was exactly what I wanted. I already put in an order for one tonight! Thanks JohnH59!
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    I've done it with CotoGPS (which exports the data in a format that can be imported by Google Earth to overlay on a map)
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    The problem with CetusGPS, CotoGPS and all the other free programs I have investigated, is that none of them will record in the background. This means that the program can be interrupted by alarms, phone and accidental key presses. The problem with the bluetooth logging GPS devices is that there are no SIRFIII, which seems to be the 'best' chip, based devices out there. Apart from a chinese GPS unit, which has bad reviews, I cannot find a handheld bluetooth GPS receiver with a screen and logging, although there are plenty with a USB interface. :-(
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    I wish there were sirfIII but there aren't now. Bluelogger is nice because it logs on the gps device itself, so it can be simultaneously used with the treo gps software such as tomtom. I've read some good reviews on the bluelogger, so i hope it does what i want

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