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    My new Discovery 640 arrived today, and the date tag on the bottom of the box says "Mar-06". I opened it up and found a nice little note inside that says (paraphrased) "Due to market demand, we have replaced the Sony Ericsson adapter with a Treo 650/700 adapter". Sure enough, there's now a Treo adapter that lets you charge the headset with the standard Treo charger. And as an added bonus, it also comes with a mini-usb adapter instead of the Siemens connector, so life is grand for me, since I always travel with both.

    BTW, the Voyager 510 still works slightly better with the Treo than the 640 does, but the 640 works good enough and the size and charging options won me over. Got it from for about $85 shipped. The company has been great from a support standpoint too (had to find out the hard way because FedEx Ground absolutely sucks!)
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    Great news... now I have to figure out how to get those two adaptors and what to do with the 3 useless ones I already have!

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