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    GoodGuy: Why doesn't GoodLink operate as a synchronization engine, keeping Exchange securely in sync with the apps already built into Windows Mobile?

    Instead, GoodLink has built an entirely seperate suite of apps that duplicate the functions of the phone (Mail, Calendar, Contacts, Tasks). This seems an incredible waste of memory - and I've seen the annoying results in constant low-memory alerts on my phone.

    In addition, it negates the value of many of the phone apps (voice dialing, text messaging integrated with contacts, all Outlook fields, personalized ringtones, contact pictures).

    I'm just reading many threads on people who get surprised and disappointed when they find out that GoodLink undermines the features of their new Windows Mobile SmartPhones/PocketPCs. Phone choice is the very thing that differentiates GoodLink from BlackBerry!

    Thoughts? Are there any efforts underway to do this?
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    Couple of things: The officially supported version of GL for WM5 has not been released yet, so I am not sure as to what the memory requirements will be. 4.8 is due any day now, so we should have a better idea at that point.

    As for the architecture of GoodLink, can't point to a reason as to why the powers that be decided to go down that route outside of it has always been that way. A reason that I can think of is by using our own datastores, we are not dependent on manufacturers changes interfaces, etc. I have not heard of any changes to the core of the application that will make it to where we are dependent on the native stores, but that is not to say it won't happen.
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    Thanks for the response! Looking forward to seeing 4.8 soon, and then WM5 support. Any hints about big features coming in 4.8?

    If you could forward these concerns to anyone in product development and/or strategy who might want to hear them, I'd appreciate it!
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    While thinking about it, another reason I think we have it this way is for security purposes as all the data and databases are encrypted.

    As for 4.8 features, last I heard:

    Reply/Forward signature
    Beaming vCards
    GAL search from Contacts

    Increased user capacity
    Policy Groups

    4.8 should be any day know.

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