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    Is there a material difference between the capabilities of bluetooth in the Verizon 650s versus the GSM 650s?

    From this forum and other sources, it seems like many BT applications work better with the GSM 650s. For example, Dock-N-Talk will work with a Cingular 650, but PhoneLabs has been unable to get it to work with a Verizon 650. Also, it looks like there are more automobile-kit and headset success stories with GSM Treos than Verizon Treos.

    I am thinking about ditching my Verizon Treo and service for Cingular for this reason (and some others). Would like to be sure this is a correct assumption before doing so.
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    The only difference I am aware of BT wise is that with GSM, you can't sue the audio output jack and use a BT headset at the same time. My guess is the way they set it up, if it sees sound going ourt teh audio jack it must be assuming that tehre is no need for sound to go to a headset.

    There's many, many threads listing the differences between GSM and CDMA. A forum search should bring you right up to date on the topic.

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