I recently upgraded from a Treo 600 to a 650. Everything went well including hotsyncing. Recently (after about 4 weeks), Hotsync would hangup when trying to synchronize the Outlook Calendar.

I've done the following in the process of trying to narrow this down:

Reloaded the Verizon software package: no effect

Purged Handheld Calendar thinking that there was some sort of problem with it. Tried resyncing, no effect.

Looked on Treocentral forum and followed Bill's advise concerning the dbscan 1.9. Loaded dbscan 1.9 and followed the instructions given on this forum: no effect (it didn't find anything to remove).

Then however did not select to "handheld overwrites desktop" because handheld calendar was purged. Instead selected desktop overwrites handheld: no effect

I've changed the conduit to "do nothing" and the hotsync worked perfectly for all other synchronizations so I'm fairly certain it has something to do with the Outlook Calendar and not the phone.

After reading a number of the entires on this forum, it appears that there are many similar issues resolved but since there are some differences in my setup, they haven't worked. I'm sure it is because I haven't tried the right one. I'd really appreciate some help.