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    Hello all,

    I have an interesting problem that I was hoping someone could help me out w/ finding a solution:

    I use a Mac at home (running the standard iApps and IMAP mail). I use a PC at work (using Outlook and Exchange).

    My question is: what kind of options do I have as far as syncing both machines to my Treo 650. I don't necessarily want my personal info going to my work machine, but would be fine with my work info going to my personal machine.

    1) I have web access to the exchange server at work.
    2) I have unlimited data connection on my Treo.
    3) I am using Missing Sync to sync my data to my Mac.

    Thanks a lot for any input
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    I have the same situation, and here is what I finally set on.

    First, I purchased Office 2004 for my Mac at home. I like Entourage (Mac version of Outlook) much better than other email clients. It has exchange support (through web access if needed) and has many features even Outlook doesn't have (project manager is great).

    I then set the Microsoft conduit manager to only sync memos and tasks directly. My email, address book, and calendar is all synced on my Mac and Treo through the Exchange server. You will need to merge your personal and work address book together for this, but the categories are synced for the address book.

    There are a few minor issues (categories are not synced for the calendars and there are issues with recurring appointments on the treo end) but it's nothing serious.

    Hope this helps, I struggled for a long time getting a solid system for syncing.
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    I have many recurring appointments. What kind of issues are you having?

    What email program are you using on your Treo? Can you still use personal email as well as the exchange email?

    So you never have to actually sync to your work PC, you just let Entourage handle it over on the Mac side?

    Also, how did you set up your Entourage at home to sync to your work's exchange server? Pretty self-explanitory? I'm not currently at home, so I can't see exactly what the settings will be.
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    The treo doesn't handle recurring appointments well. What I have to do for these appointments is enter them in Entourage or Outlook at work, then let them sync to the Treo through the Exchange server. Everything works fine as long as I don't edit them on the Treo (even try and add a category). If I edit them on the Treo, then they are resynced incorrectly (ie the date of the birthday will change from the actual date to the first Monday of the month or something like that). Like I said, as long as I don't edit them on the treo everything works fine (even reminders are synced).

    I use Versamail on my treo with 3 seperate addresses syncing every hour (.mac, yahoo, and exchange server).

    I never need to sync my work PC with the treo directly, everything I need is synced through Entourage at home and the exchange server. The only thing that isn't synced this way are my tasks, but that isn't a problem because the tasks are on the treo and at home. Remember that the tasks and memos are synced to Entourage by a direct sync with my mac (either bluetooth or usb cable) and are not synced with the exchange server. It can be confusing.

    Setting up Entourage at home was a snap, just set up a new account with the exhange server web address as the server address (what I'm doing isn't really supported through my IT department, but works great anyway).

    Maybe this will help:

    Calendar syncs through exchange server with both Outlook and Treo.

    Address book syncs with treo through usb sync with mac, mac then syncs with Outlook through Exchange server. The treo isn't able to sync contacts with Exchange server, only calendar and emails (I think I messed that up earlier). This isn't really important to me, I don't even notice how it syncs, it just does.

    Emails are synced with all 3 through the exchange server.

    Tasks and memos are synced with the mac and treo through usb (not on my work computer). You are able to sync the treo directly with both computers if you wanted, I just don't need to.

    Do you already have Office 2004 for mac? I think it is much better than the pc version. It's not obvious how to set up the Microsoft palm conduit, but I can help with that if you need.

    On a side note, I also use Missing Sync on my mac instead of the Palm conduit manager. Although this isn't necessary, but I do think it makes things easier.
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    I have a MacBook Pro at work with entourage on an exchange server and an imac at home. I use Missing Sync 5 to sync with my macs w/ my Treo 650. I use Versamail to sync my exchange calendar (entourage) and my mail. What do I need to turn on or off to sync the address book, calendar between the two computers, the Treo and the Exchange Server? Sync Services in Entourage is somewhat vague as to how it will sync and with what devices.... Thanks!
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    An addendum... I use iDisk to sync the address book calendar etc. between the two macs. I guess the question is how to bring the treo and the exchange server into the fold.
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    Do you use Entourage on your iMac at home?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Arsman
    Do you use Entourage on your iMac at home?
    I have not yet loaded it. I was hoping to keep the Native Mac apps on my home computer.
    Also, I am finding that Entourage and the Exchange Server will not recognize iCal events that are not in the "Entourage" calendar subset on iCal. Is there anyway to have Entourage recognize the iCal "Home", "Work" and "Birthday" calendars as such without converting them all to "Entourage"? My Treo recognizes them when I sync with the mac, but the events are not recognized by the exchange server when syncing through Versamail.
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    Currently, there is no way to get Entourage to recognize those events that aren't in the Entourage calendar in iCal.

    I believe that you'll need to use Sync Services at work (but like I said all those appointments will only sync to the Entourage calendar in iCal), or you can sync everything through the treo.

    For this you need missing sync on both computers. So you sync your calendar and email through Versamail and the Exchange server, and you need to disable the calendar sync in missing sync at work. Then rely on missing sync to sync everything else. Once you get home sync your treo to the iMac through missing sync.

    I think you are going to have issues with this, but have never tried it. Make sure you have good backups (microsoft user data folder, iCal and Address book) before you begin tweaking things. Make sure you are only syncing each thing only 1 way or you'll have all kinds of conflicts. Good luck. Let me know what you settle on, curious.

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