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    i tried the trial ver of chatter and that caused overall slowdown of my treo. I use zlauncher. does anyone else have the same problem? is there a fix?
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    No problems here, I also use ZLauncher, VeriChat & Chatter. I have a 650 Sprint CDMA 1.13a.
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    I too run ChatterMail and ZLauncher and I do not see any slowdown. I you push mail, there may be sometimes there will be a lag for about a second when you try to launch a program for example. This lag is due to the fact that PalmOS is not a true multitasking operating system and, at the time you try to launch an application Chatter is running in the background synchronizing messages. Here are your options with PalmOS: live with the second delay or you manually select the time you Sync your mailboxes.
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    If there's a serious slowdown, there could be a configuration problem. If you could send me a log of, say, 15 minutes activity, I can take a look. Instructions in the FAQ at


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