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    Can someone recommend a case or skin for the Sprint Treo 650 that will not BULK the unit up but also protects the screen? ive tried the sprint leather case but it has some plastic that covers the screen and keyboard and you have to press REALLY REALLY HARD to use the screen. ALso I have tried the SPECK clear skin but it ripped and does not have a cutout for the memory card (it also makes it a tiny bit bulkier then normal). I did like that it has a cover for the screen that I can lift up when I need to use the screen. Any other suggestions?

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    What I use and find very functional is the "Smartphone Experts Treo screen protectors" which comes in a 3 pack along with the "Seidio Shield Holster". The holster type provides protection for the front of the device when being carried as well quick retrieval. I was in some awkward positions recently while trying to get comfortable sitting in an emergency waiting room at a hospital. I was surprized the holster held securely on to the Treo even with all the moving around I did. While I was there I also noticed a lot of hospital staff using the same holster case.
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