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    when you install a 3rd party app, does it go to the sd card or to the phones memory? can you change this? I tried a search but nothing. thanks
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    If you're doing a Hot Sync by installing the third party software from your computer to the Treo then yes you'll get an option to install either to the device or SD storage card.
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    cool thanks
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    There are a number of options for moving programs to a memory card. I use zLauncher as a launcher replacement and it has a "Move to card" option that works very well.

    If you are using Docs 2 Go you will want to download the DataViuz tech tool to move the program to your card. It is finicky and only certain files should be moved in order for it to run from the card and still work properly.
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    Some programs tend to misbehave if they are stored on the sd card, make sure you read up on which programs tend to do this. i.e. NoviiRemote can be stored on my sd card, but my remote codes MUST be stored on the phones memory. I try to keep as much memory as possible freed on my phones memory.

    Palmone Quick Install will allow you to choose where the application can be installed for the next sync.
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    I like to use Power Run and move certain apps to the SD from the main memory. The nice thing about PowerRun is it will load the app into internal memory when you want to run the app, them move it back to the SD when your done.

    I generally won't put anything on the card which runs in the background (e.g. keycaps), needs to sync (e.g. splash id), interacts with other apps (e.g. DA) or has an alarm (e.g. bug me).

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