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    During the update of my Treo (Cingular) during the process, my son unplug the phone from the outlet and the phone stop the process and turn off.

    Now I can turn it back on.

    Someone can help me?

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    Franco Giaffone
    São Paulo SP
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    Go to this site: and download the ROM Tool. Follow the instructions on the website.

    I recommend that you also first read all the following thread and links:

    If you have any trouble just post again and several people will help.

    Finally, once you have everything fixed post a thank you to the people that have worked so hard to make this so easy for all of us.
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    I hate to say it, but if your treo will not power on, its probably dead for good. I did this to my Cingular phone. I flashed it to 1.15 Cing Rom and after it completed, it powered off. It showed no signs of life and every trick I tried did nothing (including those on Shadomite's site). Mine was under warranty so I exchanged it.
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    If you want others to help, you need to respond to their questions.,32724.0.html
    Just call me Berd.

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