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    I have a new T650 sprint. When the SMS chat mode is enabled, it will only use 7 digits when replying to a message. This causes sent messages to not go through. If I disable the Chat mode then the same messages are recognized with 10 digits allowing my replies to go through.

    I gave it a new ROM one that I use on anothe 650 with Fat32 (thats the only change in the rom) Thinking it would replace all software on the phone and fix the glitch. It still does the same thing. Is it possible for this problem to be hardware related?

    Any ideas??
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    Have you always experienced an issue of not being able to enter more than 7 digits instead of 10 (area code + telephone number)? Are you manually typing in the number or selecting it from your contact list? When you refer to "SMS chat mode" are you referring to a third party application like Mundu or VeriChat? Have you recently installed any new software? If so then the application may have corrupted your OS and try first uninstalling the program then test sending sms again. Also suggest you contact your carrier Data Support department which will remotely troubleshoot the device with you. Make sure you call them from a landline, not while on the device that needs to be troubleshooted. Hopefully you've backed up your data recently in case they require a hard reset to be done which can wipe clean the data on the Treo. If they can't resolve the issue they'll most likely swap the device or have you send it in for repair under the manufacturer warrenty. Lastly have you tried using Sprint's support links and which cover various sms related tips?
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