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    Sorry for the 'noob' question and if this has been asked before...i did a search and found no anwer.

    I just installed Chatteremail and the OWA plugin on my Treo650(GSM). All works well to pull email of my companies exchange server.

    Should chatteremail 'pull' newmessages while it is not the active application in the foreground?

    Chatter is set to 'offline' and to quicksynch every 30 minutes. The connection is set to disconnect if all mailboxes are offline in chatters preferences.

    Will chatter only do a quicksync while it is active in the forground or am i missing something. As it is now Chatter does not do a quicksync unless i start the app. At that point it establishes a GPRS/EDGE connection and performs a quicksynch if it is past the last synch time.

    Thanks for your help

    EDIT: The server is accessed with via HTTP, not via HTTPS/SSL. I just set the 'No Doze' setting to see if that will make a difference.
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    Please send me a log that shows the problem; it sure sounds like you're using SSL without MatrixSSL. Logging instructions are in the FAQ at


    p.s. Just because you use HTTP to access webmail doesn't mean that it doesn't switch to HTTPS during operation.
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    Thanks for the prompt reply Mark, I will get the log to you.

    As far as I can tell there is no SSL involved, e.g i connect to to http://66.x.x.x/exchange from a web browser and there is no 'switch' to https://66.x.x.x after I logged in.

    Chattermail did synch in the background once after a soft reset of the Treo but has not done so since then.
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    There shouldn't be any problem doing that - it's what ChatterEmail has been doing for years.

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    It does seem to be synching now - maybe I was just to impatient in my testing The only oddity is that there seems to be a 'delay' between the next synch time that Chatter displays in the lower right corner and the time it actually performs the synch - 2-3 minutes after the displayed time.

    So how do I go about buying this? I have found the purchase option for Chattermail on your website, but not for the OWA plugin.
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    It can't be purchased just yet; have some business things to get cleaned up first.


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