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    I'm looking for info on AmbiCom Bluetooth adaptor Air2Net™ Bluetooth™ Wireless USB Adapter

    Model: BT2000C-USB

    is anyone using this with PdaNet or could you give a link to better adapter that your using maybe a Mini PCI Wi-Fi adapter with Bluetooth
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    I'm also interested in findin a Mini PCI Wi-Fi adapter with Bluetooth. I don't have built in Bluetooth on my new laptop. I use dun with my 650 all the time. It would be better not to have to plug in the adapter. I use a old Linksys USBBT100 currently.
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    I've got one... Got it from compusa for $30... Never used it with pdanet... But have used it with sprints dun... The only profile its missing is a2dp
    HTC Touch Pro

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