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    For some reason I can get any sound to come out of the speaker phone....either when I play a song through realplayer or using the 5 way navigator and you hear that beep sound and wont even make that sound when I remove or put in my memory card. I don't even hear the call tone when I make a call. I tried calling my phone from my house phone and couldn't even hear myself. The phone was working fine yesterday and now this problem. I've read the manual and messed around with the sound no avail. I've tried the soft reset thing and that didn't work. I'm thinkin a hard reset will do the trick. Can any of you help me out with this?
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    Mine is doing the same thing. The alarm rings the phone rings and I can use it with a wired headset, but other than that no sound. And the recipient of the call can't hear me unless I use bluetooth then I can't hear them. It started when the phone tried to hotsync on it's own. I've done a hard reset with no luck. If you find out what is going on let me know.Don

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