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    Hi everyone,

    I am totally frustrated! I have a problem with 3 way calling on my Treo 600. I use to be able to use the 3 way call feature fine on my old 270. I did a search on the forum and it looks like this problem has been brought up before but the threads were old. I was hoping that maybe there was a recent software update or third party app to deal with this.

    Here is my problem. I am on the phone with someone and I go to make a 3 way call with someone else. I used to have a 3 way call button feature, now I only have a group conference call button. So I use the group conference button to have the conferece call. When I am done with the second line I have no way of hanging up on that 2nd line and staying with the first call. My only option is to hang up both calls.

    This is an absolutely ridiculous situation!! I spent an hour and half with T-mobile and Treo support to finally figure out there isn't a 3 way call feature where you can hang up on one line. You have to hang up on both. With the new software they went backwards in functionality!

    I thought I was crazy, so I went and found my old 270 manuel and there it was, a 3 way calling button right on the screen in the instructions.

    I need to have an effective 3 way calling method for my business without hanging up on people.

    Help! Is there any other solutions that have fixed this?!?!

    Sorry for the rant. I luv my Treo but this is weak.

    Steaming in SoCal
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    I don't believe this is a Treo problem I think it's a network issue, are you using a CDMA carrier, and there is no way around it. The other person has to hang up.
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    This has been a constant problem! I have had the same problems as well with my Treo 650.

    It pisses me off! I have to hang up both call to make another call!

    Nothing we can do about it that I know of!!!!!!
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    It's definately a phone issue. I know with my Sprint phone when I hang up on one person, it puts the remaining "on hold" and then my phone rings as if they are calling me and when I pick it up, it's as if I never hung up on them. This only works if one caller hangs up. If both remain on the line, then it hangs up on both. It'd be nice if someone could design a plug-in or sorts for the dailer on Palm phones to make this sort of thing an option.

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    The issue is a network (CDMA) issue; the workaround that Once mentions works with the Treo as well.
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    I really think its a phone issue. I also have treo 600 and they made it so nice and they forgot to put "the basics" HANG UP ON BOTH CALLS ON A CONFERENCE, ALARM CLOCK?

    About the conference i know, it sucks. I was talking to my friend, and my girlfriend called me, accidentally hit conference and they started chatting, i was freakin left out i just wanted to talk to my friend because my friend was in EU for vacation and i used a calling card. I ended up hanging the whole conference and wasted the calling card (because of the connection fees). I thought my super phone could do the job but was wrong about it. Anyway, no regrets, still not a main issue.

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