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    Any words of advice would be appreciated:

    *a way to make my treo 650 play local radio stations and/or internet streaming radio

    * A way to have a desktop/always on type of weather report on my dialing page of treo

    *An affordable way to make my phone have GPS compatible

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    the first can be accomplished with Pocket Tunes

    You can use hourly4cast its not always on but its pretty quick

    what do you want to do with GPS?
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    i would also say PTunes for the streaming radio stuff. had an incredible listing of music selections. oaBTW there is a continual love line stream.
    The best part is you can broadcast for free. I was thinking of chatting with a local radio staiton to see about rebroadcasting there station on it.. will post if it happens.
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    1. Pocket Tunes does what ya want

    2. Treo Alarm will get ya weather but not on ya dial screen.

    3. Best cost / benefit value GPS solution = Seidio 2350S

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