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    The 800W pairs with my MB320CDI with bluetooth adaptor, but calls can only be received and initiated from the phone itself. The car functions as a wireless headset without any available commands. The "send/receive" and "ok" buttons do not function. Voice commands are ignored by the phone. Does anyone have any ideas?
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    Ah, I do adore Rod Serling... "You've just entered... The Twilight Zone"

    Welcome to the world of bluetooth "integration." In this case, the specific implementations of functions between different vendors don't match up quite right -- especially where it comes to data transfers -- and things just don't work. The very basic implementation of headset is mostly foolproof (but even that can vary between devices for some functions, like hold or voice dialing), so that's almost guaranteed to work.

    In my 2005 SLK 350, I am indeed able to make and receive calls manually from the console (with a Treo 680), but none of the address book features work. bleh

    As it happens, I'm in the process of moving to an iPhone 3G. I was extremely happy to see that the addressbook started working. Unfortunately, it only lists the information it read from the SIM. So if I figure out how to get my contacts onto the SIM then I may be better off. But I share this only to point out that only the phones that MB *tested* the MHI adapter with are really guaranteed to work. And most of those, very sadly, are Motorola.
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    I have a Mercedes B67875878 blue tooth adapter. I can make and receive calls through the key pad and everything is connecting OK. The problem I'm having is that I can hear the person I'm talking to, but they can't hear me. When I push the keypad, they can hear the tones. Is there a setting to make the microphone more sensitive, or adjust the outgoing volume?
    Thanks in advance,

    Mike Pollock
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    After the bluetooth update, my Mercedes' phone works well. My only problem is that all the contacts are downloading to the car which will not hold as many as in my contact list. Does anyone have any suggestions?
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    I just paired my Treo 700p with my '06 CLS500. I am able to make/receive calls using the Command Head unit. I can also answer phone from steering wheel as well as end calls. I'm UNABLE to have access to my phonebook, which really stinks! I have the Bluetooth puck installed in my armrest. I also don't receive text messages through COMMAND. Is there a way for me to get my contacts to stay in the COMMAND system? Also, I'm able to store DIALED numbers in the command system but lose those numbers when I turn the car off.
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    Try adding some of your contacts to the "quick dial" list on the Phone. You know, that list that has a few pages and usually just has some quick-links to Web and stuff? See if those then show-up in the sync'ed contacts next time you get in the car.
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    how do I access "quick dial"? Would this be on on my handset or from COMMAND?
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    No you need to add the contacts to the "Speed Dial Buttons" on the phone app (on the phone -- not in the car). Look in your users guide on how to do that. It's pretty simple, you assign the speed-dial buttons to contact's numbers.
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    Thanks, guys. I'm loading the speed dials now and will check if thy'll store in my car at lunch. I'll get back to you.
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    I have a ML 55 with all the features including handsfree phone system. However the phone is outdated and I had someone try to change out the adaptor cord unsuccessfully. Is there an adaptor to fit for the newer model phones. Verizon Dare.
    Don't want to pay Mercedes to retro fit for 1,000's
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