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    I want to make pattya eMap on my treo for travel using ..
    how to build handmap map ?? I only find mapi_lite tool , but can not
    keyin GPS value to create a handmap map databse ?
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    I am not quite sure what you're asking, but...

    EarthComber is a free mapping program that not only has street-level maps, but also points of interest such as eating, drinking, educational, historical, etc, and is all free. Maps can be put on the SD card and EarthComber can itself be placed in the /palm/launcher directory on the SD card too, effectively taking up no ram, and works great.
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    I sure wish Earthcomber would put in a nationwide interstate map. Just ordered a bluetooth GPS, but don't want to pay $149 for the TomTom or Mapopolis package when I will only use it on once-a-year trips...

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