I am trying to figure out what might be causing the corruption that shows up on my Treo 650 every couple months. The only apps I have on it are Datebook 5, Vindigo and Documents to Go. Are any of these apps likely to be causing wholesale corruption in my Treo 650? I am having to hard reset the Treo 650 and even went back to the factory settings on the phone. I also sync between my work computer and Outlook using Chapura's sync software and later at home on palm desktop. (Note I have sync's at distinct different times so hopefully there is no corruption coming from that.)

I have read some of the postings and seen that some people suspect the NVF (non-volatile flash) memory might be unstable or it might just be the OS or might be the third party apps. So my questions are,
1. Has Palm made any efforts at researching this problem?
2. Do they acknowledge the problem?
3. Might some of my named apps be causing the problem?
4. Is there a way to detect corrupted software on my Treo?
5. If there is not a way to detect corrupted software then why is there not a way to do it?
6. Could corruption be coming from the way I am syncing on Outlook and then at different times Palm Desktop?

Thanks much for whatever light you can shed on this. I am currently doing an experiment of not putting any apps on my treo at all beyond what came from the factory to see if the corruption will occur again but I would rather have the apps on there.