I have a Sprint CDMA Treo 650. I also have a Pharos i360 GPS with a bluetooth sled. On the Treo I'm running two different mapping programs: Mapopolis, and National Geographic Pocket Topo.

Mapopolis works beautifully with the GPS, but it offers an internal way within the software to connect to the GPS via the bluetooth virtual serial port in the Palm. Topo, on the other hand, looks for a direct serial connection to the GPS. I was hoping to use BtSerial or some other way to feed the data to the Palm in a method that Topo could understand, and BtSerial Pro does connect to the GPS for a short period, but when I try to get Topo to recognize the signal it advises that the serial port on the Palm is in use.

Am I basically out of luck, or is there some other way to configure the bluetooth serial port to communicate between the GPS and Pocket Topo?