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    What is a good program to just list your daily exercise log, ex: number of miles, times, etc. Would also use it to list (remember) medication I take.

    Nothing complicated, just a way to list what I did each day.

    Thanks in advance.
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    I use Runner's Log - it tracks date, location, miles, details and then you can select a summary which shows number of miles you ran for the week, month and/or year. It's a great program. I also tried Workout Tracker - it tracks weight lifting, running and a lot more activities. It, too, is a great program. Both can be downloaded and used on a trial basis.

    I have been looking for a good medication tracking software also, but I haven't run across anything that I like. I saw something on PalmGear that was listed earlier today in the updated software listing called Medical 2.0. Here's the description on PalmGear:

    Application Description
    Medical is THE all-in-one medical history software program for your Palm that you'll ever need! Features available include entering anyone (yes, ANYONE! You can track you, your whole family and any else!!), all doctors visited and all pharmacies the patient's prescriptions are filled at. In the Medical Info you can enter the date and time a doctor is visited, the diagnoses made and even the cost of the visit! A check box is available to acknowledge if the visit was paid for by insurance. In the Pharmacy Info you can record the date and time you dropped a prescription off or had it filled, the prescription name, the duration of time it is to be taken and the cost (an insurance checkbox is available for this as well). Both the Medical & Pharmacy Info screens have comment fields for any notation reminders you may want to jot down.
    I haven't tried it - but I think that I will download it and see if I like it. Here's the link:

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