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    I am a new user with my first Palm device (unlocked Treo 650 GSM on Rogers), so please be gentle ;-)

    I have scoured the forums, read the manuals (both the 650 User Guide and for VersaMail) and I clearly need help with a challenging (for me) set-up.

    My principal office desktop runs Outlook 2002 to retrieve and send email through GoDaddy (where my personal domain is registered and maintained). Itís POP mail of course. The office network is behind a firewall.

    My branch office also has a desktop that connects through the VPN to the desktop at the principal office. Using the VPN and Windows Remote Desktop Connection, I then access Outlook from the branch office or my laptop to check and send emails.

    I need to: keep the email flowing through Outlook in the principal office because my assistant/secretary there needs to see whatís coming in and going out. And I want the data to all be in one place.

    Iím not sure but I donít think I need PUSH. Iím fine only checking for email on the Treo when Iím not close to a desktop or laptop, and Iíd like not to get headers for ALL mail Ė only what I have not seen, because Iím on a data plan that charges by the K. I realize from your threads that this may require a switch to IMAP (which is fine with me).

    Whatís the best way to set up email on the Treo 650?

    Do I try to get it to connect through the VPN and access Outlook on my desktop?

    Or is there a ďbetterĒ way to get new mail on the Treo from FastMail or another provider and still have Outlook maintain an accurate history of everything that comes and goes?

    Any help is greatly appreciated!
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    I am on Sprint and use their Sprint Business Connection. Hopefully, your carrier can offer you something comparable. I run the Business Connection software on my primary computer as well as my Treo 650. I get push email and auto synchronization with contacts and calender. Sprint BC also gives one the ability directly access Outlook from ANY computer. In this case, you are essentially using Outlook remotely with full access to all your folders! The only issue I have is that I have no access to my task list.

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    Thanks Meistro -

    Are you using Corporate Email on your primary computer (e.g., MS Exchange or Domino)? My carrier has a similar product but it only works on a desktop level with MS Exchange or Domino (which I do not have). Otherwise, their product leaves me with access to email only at the ISP level, not to my desktop Outlook. So it doesn't look like that will work for me unless I install Exchange (which seems like costly overkill).

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    I'm not connected to corporate email and also use a pop account. Sprint offers both personal and corporate editions of BC. I have been using their personal edition for a couple years and it has developed into a very useful and stable communication tool. It even allows you to email up to a 5MB file from your My Documents folder. Sprint's data charges have remained low, they have EVDO and they soon will have the 700p. Sprint rocks!

    Many people don't care for Sprint due to coverage and customer service issues as well as preference for GSM. If you're one of those who want to remain in the GSM camp, Cingular has Xpress Mail which I believe has been produced by the same developer as Sprint BC.

    Good Luck

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    Can anyone make a suggestion? You all have so much more experience coming up with workarounds.


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    You can use ChatterEmail and either IMAP or OWA and get what you want.


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