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    Goog day,
    I will try to be as clear as possible.

    My question is about using the FIND button in Takephone.
    For exemple if I Press the FIND button and type TU to search my Database, and if there is NO TU (I made a typing error and wanted RU) I can not go back to an empty new search. I am locked with TU as the first 2 letters to search. If I type RU, I get for search; TURU.
    In the Pref menu in the FIND TAB, Remember last search is unchecked.
    How can I delete TU and start a new clean search.
    T600, Upgraded to T650
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    Have you ever tried using the "backspace" button on the Treo's keyboard? It should delete your previous search, letter by letter. If you hold the backspace button down for a second or so, it will completely erase your previous search.
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    Yes, the backspace button on the keyboard or the CLR button on the screen both work the same way. Press once to clear a space at a time; press and hold to clear the whole entry. Also, if you press the Right button on the 5-way nav it will highlight the CLR button and you can then press the center button to clear the entry.
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    Yes it works.......
    Just learned an other T650 Trick
    T600, Upgraded to T650

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