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    Yesterday, out of the blue, the icons at the bottom of my Goodlink calendar screen (i.e., the ones used to select day, week, month view; forward, back, return to today) changed to playing cards. You had to remember where the old icons were located in order to "pick a card" to do that function!?!?!? And I couldn't find anything in preferences to change it back, so I immediately assumed it was something done on the server side via OTA.

    I e-mailed my IT folks last night and their reply this morning was that they didn't make any changes on their end, but I don't believe them because just as miraculously it is back to normal this morning. Would someone tell me if they have seen this and how it is done?

    Good Guy, are you out there??????

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    whoa...that is definitely a first
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    An April Fools joke that's particularly cruel coming 10 days late ?
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    I wish I had got a screen shot because this was no joke. Either I'm losing my mind (always a possiblity) or someone is messing with it.

    There are a total of seven icons at the bottom of the calendar screen. Each of them appeared as the back of a playing card. One card was the Texas flag, one had the Handspring logo (I have a two year old 600 that still has some legacy Handspring graphics in some programs), and a couple were just geometric patterns. Wierd huh?

    The icons are now back to the typical ones. I can't even find a way to change them on my handheld, so how could they have changed? Is there a server side way to modify such things?

    I play Klondike solitaire, but I can't imagine how that could impact Goodlink icons!

    Good guy, please check with your technical guys and let me know what they say.
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    Are you still monitoring this forum?

    I promise that this isn't an April Fools joke (maybe on me?).

    Can you please check with your technical guys on this?

    Thanks in advance.
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    wow, etreo, slow down. I still monitor the forums, however, between 5:21 and 8:59, I wasn't online.

    Anyway, I will forward on your issue. If it happens again, try to get a screen shot.
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    Hey Good Guy, any response yet from your tech folks?

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