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    I have blazer and webpro (on SD card) on my treo. I can't get sharklinks to keep blazer as my default browser. I will set it as default and then a few hours later it will mysteriously set webpro as the default. does anyone have any ideas on why/how this is happening? thanks
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    I had the same problem, don't know why it happened but I just put webpro on the card in the Palm/Launcher directory (i access it with hi-launcher so n problem there) and now everything is ok,something in the both apps appear to be similar to palmOS but what I dnt know.
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    What do you have as your default browser in the device prefs?
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    i've got Web (blazer) as my default. maybe i will try moving webpro to a different spot on my card.
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    I am having the same issue.

    I moved WebPro with Z launcher and everytime i click on a sharklink it gives me the white screen of death since it is trying to launch webpro but cant since its on the card.

    Where on the card can i put webPro to prevent this from happening, and still be able to launch it?

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