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    I recently replaced my Treo 600 with a Treo 650 having PDANET on both. The Treo 600 reported a connection speed of 145bps and the Treo 650 reports a speed of 196bps so is my connecton with the New Treo really faster or is it just in the numbers?? Same laptop same location.
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    600 isn't capable of high speed data, so that first # sounds off.... I only ever got 50-60k with my 600, and now 150-170 with sprint 650.
    Treo 650... 2 broken screens, doesn't sync well, and a jacked up audio jack, but it's still better than anything i've seen so far.
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    I'm on vacation using BT and 650 +PDANet right now and my HP computer seems like it's running at a normal speed as when connected to my wireless internet at home. (I have mines set at 192 kbps, I'm afraid to change it since it's working just fine at this setting as opposed to the 384 kbps. Don't want to mess up a good thing).

    PDANet + BT simple rocks for internet connection. Last time I used it before having my BT paired up, my connection would interrept due to loose cable issues and it was so annoying. This BT connection is rather seamless. The only interruption I had was an Alert last night while on the Web. I've got to figure out how to not allow calendar alert while using BT.

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