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    I'm new to the Palm OS/Treo world really, but I was wondering, what the standard choices are, price wise, to be able to check my email on my 650 at any time, using let's say, the Fastmail "PUSH" from Gmail to Chatter.

    I know the guest fastmail is free but what kinda plan would I need to sign up for with Verizon itself to have this capability and how much do they run? I'm not finding details per se on the VZW website.

    I mean, whatever the charges are, is it worth it to have?
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    GoodLink rocks! It is immediate and helps you grab your email anytime anywhere. It costs $9.95 through The Message Center ( you should try it out.
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    However you're getting your email, you will almost certainly want an unlimited data plan, especially if you get a fair amount of mail. Verizon is pretty expensive, as I recall; both T-Mobile and Sprint have inexpensive all-you-can-eat plans.

    GoodLink has its good points and bad points on a Treo; there are lots of posts about it on this board.

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    Agreed. You DEFINITELY want an unlimited data plan. GoodLink uses "true" Push technology. ActiveSync is free (with Full Access accounts - $9.95) and works almost exactly the same as GoodLink...but there are subtle differences...but it is free (with an account of course).
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    I've been using gmail - free fastmail acct - Chatter for months now. This solution is perfect, and is the primary reason I'm holding off on a switch to Windows.

    I've never used Goodlink; in fact I don't know what it is, so I can' comment on it.
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    I've been using a FastMail/Gmail combo as well, and it works brilliantly. If you aren't going to get an unlimited data plan, then it's probably best if you just sync every couple of hours of so. GoodLink has to much overhead.
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