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    I've Treo 650 in which I used the default Blazer web browser with no problems. But all of a sudden, the web browser doesn't work. I've made absolutely no changes to any settings.

    Any ideas that I can try or can someone recommend a free web browser that I can download?

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    Doesnt work?
    can you please explain. A lot of things dont work when it comes to most treos!
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    Well, nothing happens after I type in a web address and click the 'GO' button. It's been like this over the last couple of weeks and I've tried many web addresses.
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    Are you on Sprint? If you are make sure in Preference/ Network you are using "PCS Vision" and not Sprint Provisioning.
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    Did you try a reset?
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    I don't have a "Network" option. This is what I have Options-> Preferences. The Preferences has 3 tabs; "Page", "General", and "Advanced".
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    From your launcher application. Choose Preferences then Network

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