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    I just downloaded the Callrec software to my laptop and then used Hotsync to transfer it to the 650. I currently don't have a SD card but a 1gb card is on the way. My problem is when i try to record by pushing the side button i get an error, "There are no values remaining to be enumerated. (Exp 290D)" Is because i don't have a SD card? This program is the only reason i got this phone because i need it to record. At this time i won't be using the internet function, everything will go via. my laptop to the 650. Can anyone help??
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    Yes it only records to SD that I am aware of
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    Totally OT, but are you a golf fan, Boomboom? The Forum That Asks, "Are You Not Entertained?"

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    Quote Originally Posted by sxtg
    Yes it only records to SD that I am aware of
    I agree, you have to have an SD card. the files are huge and a couple of minute recording would quickly fill you open RAM anyway, so it is just as well.

    byw, I love the program.
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