Travel Photo Note™ is software for writing your feelings with photos taken on a journey.

You do not have to write your personal thoughts on other paper notebook or ordinary note pad programs when making a trip.

You just launch Travel Photo Note™, write your impressions with a photo attachment, and simply save it.

Your travel notes are organized and managed by travel profiles like 'holidays in East Asia', 'History Travel', and 'Romatic Christmas Trip', so when you go on a trip with Travel Photo Note™, simply make a new travel category, then your precious feelings and thoughs are stored up under the travel category.

You can easily check and see your past recordings.

With Travel Photo Note™, Record your invaluable memories, with writings as well as photos, and keep them for ever.

- Good look with pretty images and icons
- Photo or Sketch + Memo
- Travel Theme Category
- Three Types of List View
- Photo Navigation (Photo Picker)
- Image Resizing (320 x 320)