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    So I have a diff Verizon phone and someone bought me the 650 plus a 1 year contract with rebates from Amazon as a gift, not knowing I had service already. I have always wanted a 650 and have had great experiences with them, so by all means I LOVE it.

    But is there anything I can do now, because the treo was activated in shipment by Verizon and it has it's own number assigned to it, so is there some way to maybe port the original number that I've had this whole time to the Treo? And can I cancel the old phone contract and use the Treo contract once I port the number or can I even make it easier by doing an ESN swap online?

    I'm not sure as to what the better options are and I figured there are people on here way more knowledgeable on these things than me.

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    Verizon has a 15 day return policy, so...

    You can either port your old number to the 650, which is a good idea if your old number is not under contract since you will get the "new phone" discounts.

    If you are still under contract on the old number, return the Treo, and call Verizon and see what they will sell you one on for the old account.


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