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    It really pisses me off when I have my wired headset connected and answer the phone the stupid phone always transfers the call to the headset rather I want it to or not!!!

    It doesn't suprise me at all that whoever is in charge of this stuff did the same stupid thing with BT headsets!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by treo-mike
    I figured this was a "Feature"...

    Unfortunately, I have a Moto HS 820 headset. Turning it off is not an option...because there is no way to turn it off other than to let the batteries run dead.

    I agree with mcdan333 - why couldn't they let you set the behavior you want? Who designs this crap? Do they ever think of the end user when they do it? I probably wouldn't mind as much if Palm has at least "mentioned" this new behavior in the release notes.

    How did I find out about it? I am driving and I go to answer my phone and I can't figure out why I can't hear anything!

    Even better, I keep my BT headset in the car - this morning I dialed out on my phone from the house - however I guess the garage was close enough to catch it - so it transferred the call to the headset - which was in the freaking garage. Really nice.
    Treo-Mike, I hear your pain. I have switched to the Jabra BT250V headset and, yes you can set the behavior of this headset.

    I use to own the Moto BT headset, but there were limitations that your finding out now, that I couldn't deal with. the only real problem that I have experienced with BOTH Jabra and MOTO is the static when the batts are down or when your in winy conditons.

    The Jabra is nice, wraps aound the ear and has a solid feel. Another nice feature is when you have the T650 on "silent" mode, the Jabra vibrates to let you know a callis coming in...great feature, if you want stealth

    Here is the linkie
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    Quote Originally Posted by mcdan333
    When you say they fixed a BUG... is this behavior specified somewhere in the BT standard? If it is, then ok, I can see why Palm changed it. I still prefer the old way though, and it would be nice to have a user configurable option (even if not part of the standard).
    With my unlocked gsm version this "erranous" behaviour was always there.

    If you pair the headset with the device and it is powered on and within range, the treo (or any other phone) will send the call to the headset. If you don't want that to happen you need to disable the headset or (according to the treo manual) do as the manual says:
    If you're using a headset with Bluetooth wireless technology and you want to return to the handset or a wired headset during a call, select Cancel Bluetooth on the Active Call screen.
    The only problem with that last option: it's only there in an active call, so that's not very useful because you want to use it before accepting a call.
    Those are the options I have also seen on other (gsm) phones, so I think it's normal behaviour.

    Would be nice to choose but then again, why would you want to? Power on the headset if you want to use that, power it off when you want to use the handset or disable bluetooth. Advantage: it saves some of the batterylife of that little headset or your treo
    However, if you forget to power the headset off you end up talking to your treo and wondering why on earth you can't hear anything (happened to me a couple of times) :P
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    I's not a big deal to just turn off Bluetooth. Powering off my headset can not be done. There is no such thing as powering it off. Why on earth would Motorola give you the option of turning your BT headset off? Why on earth would you ever want to do that?
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