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    I purchased some tickets some months ago from Orbitz changed the ticket information and emailed the changes to me. I noticed that I had put the itinerary into my calendar (or so I thought) and went in to change the information. When I looked at the calendar entries, they were much more detailed than I would have put in (i.e. seat numbers and travel times to the minute) I investigated and found an email entitled "Travel Documents" sent from Orbitz immediately after I purchased the tickets. The beginning of the email said:

    "This trip itinerary has been imported into Wireless Sync. When you're online you can view the trip here..."

    and a http address is given. The email is from[/email].

    So evidently, the itinerary was imported. Was (is) this a service provided by Orbitz? I would be surprised if the WirelessSync app somehow scanned the email and decoded the appropiate information.

    Now that the information has changed, how is one to import the changes? I had no idea that this was an option.

    Any other's with a similar experience or answers?

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    I noticed the same thing with my itinerary. In addition to adding a line that said "This trip itinerary has been imported into Wireless Sync", a few entries have also been created on my calendar.

    In a way this feels like a nice feature, but it is a little scary as I am not sure how the original message that was mailed to me was modified. Is this a feature of Wireless Sync? This literally means that however the modifications were made, the email message was 'interpreted' automatically.

    Has there been any updates on this?

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