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    Ok, maybe its the weather (its been raining, it may have gotten a LITTLE wet as I walked outside) or a broken charger (the plug fell apart on me) but over last few weeks my 600 developed an annoying problem - it thinks its charging when it is not. First it only did it when the screen was off - i.e. turning on screen via top button made it "normal" then it would flip between charging and not charging every few seconds regardless of screen state. Now it is constantly thinks its charging. Last night it completely hard reset - I woke up to "select language" screen. I doubt its software as I did a number of resets including taking it apart and physically disconnecting battery/reseating power cable (this particular move fixed another issue of dropping calls a few months back)

    Any ideas if this is fixable? The phone is a Bell Mobility model converted to Verizona year or so back, so no warranty.

    I am tempted to upgrade to 650, but it is way too expensive for me right now.

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    any luck with this?

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