This holster DOES NOT fit the 700w. The slightest touch on this thing, and your Treo pops out. I now have multiple scratches and gouges in my phone as proof of this. My phone had hit the concrete 3 times, from a drop from my hip. One of the times, I couldn't even figure out what triggered it.

I went to Seidio's site, because I was going to send them an email about their product. That's when I realized that they don't have this clip listed as compatible with the 700w. Only with the 650. I then emailed TreoCentral to find out why they sold me this clip for my 700w, when the Seidio clip for the 700w was a completely different design.

Here is the reply from TreoCentral:


This is an error on our site, and we are fixing this issue now, if you return the item to us, with your order number and a note that says "NOT for 700w need credit" We will refund you."

Okay great, but my phones beat to hell now because of the error on their site. Nice first experience with the TreoCentral Store huh.