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    I am a computer consultant that has been trying ways to streamline my Quickbooks invoice entering & timemanagement.

    I have been trying out Tealtracker, which is awesome - in that it keeps track of every minute in the day, easy to change gears depending on your present status. I even have it configured to keep track of drive time and personal time. Very cool.

    I have been taking that to the office and then manually entering invoices for the time spent with customers.

    Is there any program that would have time-management features (ideally like Tealtracker, but I'll consider other interfaces) with the ability to hotsync the data and create invoices? Attorneys & other consultants, please advise.

    I just downloaded Iambic's Standard Time app, but there appears to be a complaint by a few users online that the program has a two step process to convert data from palm to invoices. Not sure if that will be a problem, but this very well might be the solution I am looking for.

    Just thought I would ask the community to see what others like me are using successfully.

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    Here's what I got via yahoo:

    Intuit is real buddy buddy with MS, you can't even install Quickbooks unless MSIE is I wouldn't expect much help from their end.
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    Yeah, I saw the first link myself and the only item that has any reviews is the one by Tom Thumb and it wasn't fluid integration - but if it's the best there is I will try it too.

    I was looking more for 1st hand experiences, but I appreciate your help. I googled and searched here - and it seems there's a few posts here about some attorney software, but the posts were years old.


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